About Tata MD

Tata Medical and Diagnostics

Tata Medical and Diagnostics Ltd (Tata MD) is a new healthcare venture from the Tata Group. Our goal is to provide leading-edge, patient-centric solutions, with a clear vision to make healthcare access more reliable.

Launched in the prevailing 2020 pandemic, our priority was to develop, launch and scale the availability of affordable diagnostics to treat COVID-19. Our first product, Tata MD CHECK is the world’s first commercially available CRISPR Cas-9 based COVID-19 test, powered by FELUDA from CSIR-IGIB, a leading Indian biosciences research institute.

In our future roadmap, Tata MD CHECK diagnostics will be extended to other diseases and medical applications as a comprehensive diagnostic tool.

Our Vision

Medtech for many. The founding principle of Tata MD. With this clear vision we develop leading-edge, patient-centric solutions to provide reliable and accessible healthcare to all.

We do this through an innovative hybrid ‘Bridgital’ model. Through strong partnerships, and collaborative frameworks with global industry leaders and research organisations, Tata MD is on its course to developing world-class science and technical capabilities. And utilising digital technologies to ensure integrated patient-centric solutions.


The new standard in COVID testing

Tata MD CHECK test is the NEW standard in COVID-19 diagnosis - Simple, Reliable and Scalable. Using high quality testing kits manufactured at its plant, the Tata MD CHECK testing experience is simpler and delivers quicker results. The Tata MD CHECK test detects the virus with high accuracy and delivers accurate diagnosis.

Based on CRISPR genomic technology, Tata MD CHECK is an ICMR-approved and DCGI-certified, highly Covid-19 viral detection test with a sensitivity rate of 96.1% and specificity rate of 98.6%. This will enable more healthcare providers to fast-track COVID diagnosis services to more people and also allow other NABL-certified diagnostic centres to offer Covid-19 testing solutions.

Tata MD Secure

Tata MD SECURE offers a comprehensive set of healthcare and safety services to help tackle COVID-19. With our services, we ensure people can return to working, learning and playing normally. In turn helping the nation return to normalcy.

Tata MD SECURE provide services across 3 sectors.

  • Factories and Workplaces
  • Schools and Universities
  • Events

By bringing together technology and healthcare, we provide a host of services to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure safety.